1. I have a fair idea of what music I’d like to hear during the night. Can I burn some Cds or provide some playlists?

 A. Of course it’s your night, you can choose as much or as little of the music as you like. 

However experience has proven that there is no single formula that can be relied upon to deliver exactly what audiences want to hear at any given time during the night. The skill of the DJ involves reading the signs and responding appropriately (a vast amount of musical knowledge spanning over 5 decades across multiple genres helps too).

  Is is a good idea to provide some lists regarding what you definitely want played (15- 30 songs is a rough guide) as well as an indication of what you definitely DO NOT want played ! Similarly if you do not want requests taken please make this known before the night. 

     2.  Are there any do’s and don’t regarding how the room is set up for entertainment?

     A. Again you can do what ever you want but engaging with an audience is easier when you can see the whole room from the DJ console. If the dance floor is somewhere other than next to the DJ, this is not impossible but not ideal either. If you are pressed for space and have to situate a table of guests next to the DJ area I would recommend seat your work colleagues there, as they generally like to enjoy themselves. Having fun is infectious and hence encourages others to do the same.

 3.   Can I control the volume?

  A. Absolutely! but you shouldn't have to a good DJ is not stuck behind the console but is mobile, checking sound levels and picking up feedback (mostly non verbal) from the audience. This is especially important in the early part of the night when the music should not make conversation difficult. Sound quality is also important too because a warm sound doesn't  interfere with the frequencies of human speech.

4. I’m not sure whether to ask a friend to MC or use the DJ will this affect the flow of the evening?

  A. If you want someone else to MC I will liaise with them and offer some coaching if needed. I am happy to MC too as it helps break the ice and build a relationship with guests. A good MC is out in front of the audience and not hidden behind a console. This is particularly important during speeches. Speakers often need reassurance. I make a point of introducing myself to all the speakers before handing them the microphone.

 5. Our ceremony is on site in the afternoon, can you provide sound for the celebrant and music for the ceremony?

 A. Absolutely. I usually charge $200 for this service as it requires being on site at least 3 hours before normal set up time and involves setting up a second PA system.

 7. Will you travel to the country for our function?

 A. Yes, I go as far as The Barossa, Near Riverland and Victor Harbor. A fee of $50 applies to cover travel

between 25 Kms and 80 Kms from the Adelaide CBD.

(Distances greater than 80 Kms from the Adelaide CBD by negotiation)

 8. Will you come and meet with us to find out about what we like and want to happen at our function.

  A. Certainly, I am happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

  9. What’s the process should we decide to proceed with a booking?

 A. a $100 deposit will secure your date. I will email you a receipt, some song lists and an itinerary form. We can meet when I receive the itinerary information or before hand if you prefer. The information I provide will help you think about your music requirements and the order of events on the night.

 10. Do you carry public liability insurance?

A. Yes. I can email you a certificate of currency if you like

11. Will you load  into upstairs venues?

A. Yes at no cost providing there is lift access. If no lift access a $60 surcharge applies 

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