A Word of Warning re facebook DJ recommendations

Whilst facebook reviews are in the main authentic. EG. my facebook page facebook.com/AWDJ4HIRE contains reviews from real clients who, not withstanding privacy settings, are obviously real people who, if PM'd, would verify that they personally authored the comments.

Regular visitors to the "Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat" facebook group may well be aware that:

1./ not all the comments to group members posts (asking for DJ recommendations) are from real people. EG '.......... ... is simply amazing, I can not recommend him enough. etc etc" if you follow the poster's page they have no timelines, no posts, no photos, no friends etc. and make the same recommendation to every DJ related post, who are they kidding?

2./ Some posts are by people recommending their husbands ??? ..hardly a unbiased opinion

3./ Some DJs are offering services for $200. consider...

#do they have quality sound and lighting equipment (approx $10 000 of equip can't even be hired for $200 let alone with operator and MC)

#do they have public liability insurance?

#does their electrical equipment have current tags verifying testing in accordance with OHS ?

#do they undertake the necessary preparation for your wedding ( approx 10 -12 hours before . the night)

#are there hidden charges involved?

4./ Some posts ask for recommendations within a budget. Invariably DJs who charge 2 and 3 times the poster's budget will respectfully decline quoting a prior booking rather than be upfront with people by stating they can't do it for the price.

My advice is if you are going to choose a DJ via "Weddings Chit Chat" ask to PM a couple of their clients and better still talk directly with your DJ make sure you are comfortable with their level of confidence, experience and knowledge before making a commitment.

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