I'd love to know what you think about shameless self promotion in the Wedding DJ industry.

I'd love to know what readers think when viewing a comment such as blah blah (insert name) is a "company that offers the best entertainment in Adelaide".

Do they see it for what it is a cheap throw away line or a comment based on some sort of factual evidence.

I firmly believe if you are any good at what you do there wont be too many available dates in peak demand periods IE between late August and the end of the year or February through to May at the beginning of the year.

That said, if you are busy providing a service to clients you can't be out checking out competitors and making the assertions that you provide the "best entertainment in Adelaide"

If your services are in demand one can assume you are very good at what you do but leave the "best" adjective out it as it is totally meaningless.

The other claim that brings a wry smile is that venues recommend your service (followed of course by some name dropping). Really ! clients only have to check the venue's web site and see if there are back links or recommendations to other companies or service providers.

Most venues prefer that their clients source their own entertainment rather than run the risk of getting involved in problems in an area which after all is not their core business. If however there are commercial reasons to be involved, such as earning a commission as a result of sending a client to a particular entertainment provider or DJ, then you have to ask yourself how much extra is the client paying by going the long route?

Adelaide Wedding DJ and MC Services provide a premium service at a rate which won't break the bank. That's why there are so few available dates between now and the end of the year.

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